We are partners of Telerik Academy Alpha Python Program

We are happy to be partnering with Telerik Academy in developing junior talent!

Telerik Academy paved the way for programming training in Bulgaria, and we're a proud partner of their first Python training, where 35 students started. 

We gave an interview for their blog's readers. You can find the whole conversation with our founder and CEO - Blagovesta, here


"Why is it important to invest in junior IT talent, and why do you do it?

A big challenge in our industry is that companies are looking for seniors, and the talent pool is small. A critical marker is recognizing the importance of talent over skills, as skills can be learned. So we embrace that fact and invest in mentoring junior talents. With this approach, we can find the people who fit our culture and believe in our team's values

Also, junior talents bring fresh perspectives, curiosity and energy without being already set in their ways. 


Why did you choose Telerik Academy to partner in sourcing the said master junior talent? 

Telerik Academy paved the way for programming training in Bulgaria, and we believe it is the best way to nurture students' vital skills for the developer profession. The Alpha program's curriculum and hands-on activities indicate that the students will be well-prepared for the industry. 


The dedication required in the program also confirms that the students are well-motivated for their chosen career path. Recently, we held a Python hackathon and many students from Telerik Academy took part in it, and they did very well. With this, we have clear evidence and can be sure that the talents who choose your academy are proactive and collaborative problem-solvers. "

We know how difficult is for all junior talents to find roles early on, so we are always open to work with bright and curious people and help them grow. Interested to become part of Childish? Do not miss to check our Career page for all open positions. 


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