Python hackathon: "Give a Book"

We're excited to share an event that combines our passion for Python and our belief that every child deserves to reach their potential.
Python hackathon: "Give a book" is a three-day competition that will be held from 14.10. 2022 (Friday) to 16.10.2022 (Sunday), in an entirely online format.

The hackathon and its name are not accidental; its purpose is to support the work of the Give a Book Foundation with our creativity and the enormous possibilities of Python. Foundation volunteers help hundreds of children without parental care reach their potential and prepare for life outside the home by becoming their mentors. This edition of the hackathon is connected precisely with the moment young adults leave home and begin to have a strong need for work, housing, and advice.

The Give a Book Foundation is a different foundation. Although it is an NGO and has only social activity for public benefit, it owns a major share in our company.
Our team will support the participants with mentoring but also continue the work that we will not be able to finish together in the short time of the hackathon and complete and implement the platform so that it reaches the children and participants' contributions will not be useless.

Who will we help together?

You don't know Nayden, but he, like many other children like him, must leave home or the center where they live when they come of age. But, like most kids like him, he has no relatives to go to. They offered him municipal housing, but he didn't have a job to cover his expenses. Someone mentioned to him about transitional housing - a place where they help young people like him to get back on their feet, but there were no vacancies. So he decided to try his luck in Sofia, but it was not so easy.

At the moment, 2 months after he left home, he is living with an acquaintance, where it is no longer comfortable to stay, wandering around in job interviews and inspections for accommodation that he cannot yet afford. This is the turning point for many of these children – either they can get back on their feet and become free and responsible adults with work and self-esteem, or they can give in to despair and go to the other side of the welfare system.

And right now, and maybe even a few months back, he would benefit immensely from a platform that would bring together all his needs as a starting point in adult life: "Job, Housing, Advice." With this platform, we want to create an easy way to organize this support for Nayden and the hundreds of young people like him.


The registration for the hackathon is open on the event website - We will send all the details about the event participation process to those who filled out the registration form. 
The registration form will be open until 12.10. (Wednesday).

This is the first edition of the "Python hackathon." We wish it to become a traditional event where we support meaningful projects for important causes.

Learn more about the hackathon and share it with friends from here:


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