4 Good Reasons to Choose Python for Big Data

Nowadays data are becoming more valuable than most resources for businesses, scientists, states and individuals. The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts continuous growth in the creation and consumption of data with the amount of 175 zettabytes to be reached by 2025. For companies, this means an opportunity to tailor and deliver advanced products and solutions to any B2C and B2B industry.

But how to cope with such a big amount of data? Do you have the data analytics capabilities you need? We are drawing your attention to the Python programming language which turns out to be the most suitable to manage big data with its large number of libraries. Among the advantages are higher efficiency, simplicity, better access, and outcomes of the projects, mainly related to AI, data science, and machine learning. Here are 4 reasons why you may need it as well:

  1. Scalability

Probably the best programming language when talking about scalability. With Python it is possible to increase the processing speed when the amount of data grows to enormous volumes. This allows for fast and smooth data processing unlike with other common languages.

  1. Supports multiple libraries

What makes Python the best choice for big data in the tech industry is the wide range of libraries available that are suitable for machine learning, data analytics, visualization, and numerical computing. This is of great importance since Big Data requires data analysis and scientific computing. A major advantage is also Python’s high processing speed in comparison with other programming languages. In the past, this was not among the strengths of the language but the release of Anaconda has made each version much faster.

  1. Coding is easy

Python is known to have fewer lines of code in comparison with other programming languages. This makes it simple to execute programs and helps in identifying and associating data types automatically. Also, Python has the ability to process complex tasks in no time.

  1. Learning is easy

Even for beginners learning Python is simple and the syntax could be easily read and understood. Another benefit is the support available from the large Python community of developers which means you will easily get your issues fixed or questions answered.

Apart from being the best choice for Big Data, Python is currently the most widely used multi-purpose, high-level and stable programming language chosen by many of the global tech giants. Here is the reason our team is exclusively devoted to building solutions in Data Science, Internet of Things, AI, Machine learning, and Web Development, based on Python.

Interested to learn more about how we can help you? We bring strong expertise, insights, and knowledge to Python projects and deliver end-to-end service complying with our client's budget, timeline, and individual requirements. Check out our website to learn more and get in touch with us.


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