Data and AI newsletter: Summer Edition 2023

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While the temperatures rise, so does our excitement to share the freshest insights and sizzling updates from the world of data science and artificial intelligence. Dive into our carefully curated collection of news and compelling resources that will keep your mind engaged even during your beachside escapades.





▶️ The World Economic Forum's Report on the Future of Jobs

The World Economic Forum has unveiled its comprehensive report on the future of jobs. According to the report, more than 75% of companies are planning to adopt AI, big data, and cloud computing in the next five years. Dive into insights that shed light on the evolving landscape of work and the role of AI in shaping our professional landscape.

▶️ The State of AI Survey by McKinsey

McKinsey's latest annual survey provides a comprehensive snapshot of AI's current state. The survey highlights the explosive growth of generative AI tools and their impact on business functions.

“Gen AI has captured interest across the business population: individuals across regions, industries, and seniority levels are using gen AI for work and outside of work.79% of all respondents say they’ve had at least some exposure to gen AI, either for work or outside of work, and 22% say they are regularly using it in their own work. ”


▶️ AWS Announces AWS HealthScribe, a New Generative AI-Powered Service that Automatically Creates Clinical Documentation

At the AWS Summit New York, AWS announced the AWS HealthScribe, a new HIPAA-eligible service that empowers healthcare software providers to build clinical applications that use speech recognition and generative AI to save clinicians time by generating clinical documentation. With AWS HealthScribe, healthcare software providers can use a single API to automatically create robust transcripts, extract key details (e.g., medical terms and medications), and create summaries from doctor-patient discussions that can then be entered into an electronic health record (EHR) system. 


▶️ How Deutsche Bank is Riding the Generative AI Wave

Deutsche Bank stands out as an early proponent of generative AI, demonstrating a strategic commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for transformative change within the financial industry. Despite initial hesitations in the sector, Deutsche Bank's proactive approach exemplifies its embrace of the generative AI trend, signalling a profound evolution in its future business practices. 





🔍 Bulgarian startup Yoga Llama raises €1M from Morningside Hill for their self-learning yoga App based on AR

Yoga Llama combines the ancient practice of yoga with the advanced technological innovations of AR and AI. By tracking the movement of the human body, this mobile application can allow any user to learn yoga or refine and improve their skills in the art. The app plans to expand in the USA and Canada. For more news about the startup ecosystem in CEE, visit the VestBee blog.





 💡 Free Course: Machine Learning for Business Decision Optimization

Empower your decision-making processes with machine learning. Enrol in the free course on decision optimisation and enhance your ability to make informed business choices. 


 💡 [Free] Neuro-Symbolic AI Summer School 2023 - Aug 29-30

There is an increasing number of researchers that are proposing to combine neural and symbolic architectures to overcome many of the challenges of deep learning. The summer school will include invited talks, panels, and tutorials in various areas of theory and the application of neuro-symbolic AI. Also, two Turing award winners will be part of the speakers this year.

This is a virtual-only event and the registration for the event is free


 💡 MLOps Checklist Components by AWS

Discover the essentials of MLOps with AWS's comprehensive checklist. The MLOps checklist is a workable checklist that you can use at any phase in your machine learning

(ML) project. The checklist is a tool for assessing overall readiness, examining system coverage, and identifying new areas of opportunity in distributed ML systems. MLOps is the combination of people, technology, and processes for delivering ML solutions. Well-architected MLOps helps businesses to deploy ML models to production effectively and consistently and can deliver business value.

💡 GETMusic: Generating Any Music Tracks with Unified Representation

Explore how this framework empowers users to compose music, whether by creating instrumental tracks from scratch or based on user-provided source tracks.

💡 [Video] Fun with Data: bias-variance trade-off toss-a-coin example

The bias-variance trade-off is explained with a numerical toss-a-coin example (for the squared-error loss function). Optimal penalization is derived, which demonstrates why using unbiased estimators is not an optimal strategy for the squared-error loss function in principle.


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