Childish Proud to be Named a Top Development Partner in Bulgaria by Clutch

Here at Childish, we realize it can be taxing on any firm to balance innovative software development with the demands of growing business. That's where we can help! With our skilled team of senior developers and business experts, we're primed to tackle even your most complex business challenges. We filter every step of the development process to make sure our clients come out on top. 

In recognition of our success and impact, we've been named a top development partner in Bulgaria by Clutch, a B2B listing resource. They leverage a unique reviews-based ranking formula to compare leaders around the world. Their work helps businesses across the globe find suitable business partners.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who made this recongnition possible: Our clients! They took a call with Clutch analysts to assess our impact on a number of parameters. There, they graded our work on the basis of customer service, quality, timeliness, pricing, and project management. Then, those thoughts were transcribed into a case-study form and published to our Clutch profile. We’re happy to report we’ve been highly regarded in our reviews, and our clients have ranked us a perfect five out of five stars! Take a look at one of our recent reviews here:


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