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In November, the FIFA World Cup began. Do you know how AI has transformed football? Let's take a look at the most recent news and hand-picked resources we have for you.





▶️ Tech and the World Cup: 7 Ways AI Has Transformed Football 

An insightful overview by the team of There are multiple AI solutions, not only in terms of referee support, but also in areas such as scouting and recruiting talent, assisting coaches, and preventing injuries in professional players.


▶️ INSAIT’s first PhD students include all-time ranked international olympiad winners and top talent from some of world’s best universities

Just a few months after its announcement, INSAIT announced the first cohort of PhD students starting its doctoral program. The program is the first of its kind in Eastern Europe and is modelled after those found in top universities across Switzerland, Israel, and the U.S.

The Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology (INSAIT) is the first in Eastern Europe and was established in our home country - Bulgaria.


▶️ Yale opens new data science institute 

The newly opened Institute for Foundations of Data Science aims to advance data science opportunities on campus.“What our institute is doing is really more about developing core data science, as opposed to thinking about applying it within specific disciplines,” said Sterling Professor Daniel Spielman.


▶️ How AI Text Generation Models Are Reshaping Customer Support at Airbnb

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most-used areas of AI in practice. Initially, most industrial NLP models were classifiers. Nowadays, this space is undergoing a change towards generative models. They can obtain some domain knowledge from large-scale pre-training and output high-quality text – for instance answering questions or paraphrasing a piece of content. Read how Airbnb is leveraging this technology.


▶️ Italy has banned the use of facial recognition, except for law enforcement purposes

Italy’s Data Protection Agency has banned two cities, Lecce and Arezzo, from using facial recognition technology. Under the new rules, smart glasses and facial recognition technology can only be used by police for judicial investigations that will help to fight crime. However, it’s expected that Italy will be seeking to create laws within the next year that outline appropriate methods of use surrounding this technology. At the moment, laws in Europe state that using video devices by public bodies to amass people's personal data is generally allowed on the grounds of public interest, according to WION.





🔍 LatticeFlow: The world’s first platform for robust and reliable AI models

You've probably heard about the exciting startups incubated by ETH Zurich, and one of most exciting is LatticeFlow. They just secured a $12M funding round as a follow- up to the $2.8M they received a year earlier. The platform helps organizations to build and deploy trustworthy AI by auto-diagnosing AI models, saving months of manual work for data curation and labelling. See more at





💡 AWS Announces Eight New Amazon SageMaker Capabilities

A few days ago, AWS announced eight new capabilities for Amazon SageMaker, its end-to-end machine learning (ML) service. As customers continue to innovate using ML, they are creating more models than ever before and need advanced capabilities to efficiently manage model development, usage and performance. Today’s announcement includes new Amazon SageMaker governance capabilities that provide visibility into model performance throughout the ML lifecycle.


💡 The NeurIPS announce its Awards for 2022

Founded in 1987, the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) is one of the most prestigious and competitive international conferences in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The three categories of awards are Outstanding Main Track Papers, Outstanding Datasets and Benchmark Track Papers and the Test of Time Paper. Only 101 papers were accepted and published.


💡 The recordings from INSAIT Conference 2022

World-leading computer and AI scientists from Google, Waymo, AWS, MIT, ETH Zurich, EPFL, Max-Planck and Yale presented the latest and most exciting research set to fundamentally change technology in the coming years. It was a fascinating and insightful event held in Sofia, Bulgaria, and our team learnt a lot. The recordings from all 17 sessions are available on YouTube.


💡 Open DataSets: ApolloScape

ApolloScape is part of the Apollo project for autonomous driving. Suppose you love to play around with data? The data sets include a trajectory dataset, 3D Perception Lidar Object Detection and Tracking dataset including about 100K image frames, 80k lidar point cloud and 1000km trajectories for urban traffic. The dataset consists of varying conditions and traffic densities, including many challenging scenarios where vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians move among one another.


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