Fabrico: Digitalization of the technical support processes in a packaging factory

Rapairs and machine maintenance software - Fabrico is a solution that reduces the risk of skipping major activities related to the maintenance of production machines, reduces overhauls and unforeseen interrupted time.

Its main function is a system for managing the tasks of regular maintenance and extraordinary repairs of production machines, providing tracking of key activities, creating a culture of accountability, and providing security to management. There is a vast selection of tools, like ISO reports, repair center work cards, various statistics, and reports.

Our study shows that over 70% of manufacturing companies in the country still monitor key information about the maintenance of machines without specialized software, which carries huge risks for the control over production operations. Hereby we are sharing the experience of one of the companies that integrated and use Fabrico successfully.

The client: Polyethylene packaging factory

The case: The organization of the technical department in the factory of 500 employees is divided into workshops, and each of the three heads of technical support is responsible for servicing one or two workshops. Until now, the tracking of the service has been done by filling in written requests in forms agreed with the ISO auditors. One of the technical supervisors used Excel.

Integration: For employees accustomed to filling everything out on paper, the new system sounded difficult and unsecure: “Won't I delete something and lose all data? At least on paper, we know they exist.", they shared. We took the time to talk to the team several times in this direction and they themselves came to the conclusion that in practice they never looked for a service history in these documents because it is difficult to find it in the paper folders. There have been cases of starting repairs, for which it turns out that the necessary part is missing, which slows down not only the technical team but also the production itself, which is why the spare parts warehouse was one of the important elements of the integration. The employee who worked with Excel was the first to start using the system actively, and others followed him. He said, "I thought it was similar to Excel, but Fabrico is years ahead of it - extremely convenient and made just for our department."

Benefits: The factory team sees the main advantages of Fabrico in several ways:

  • saving time in filling out paper applications and reports
  • security in tracking information on repairs
  • timely notification
  • spare parts warehouse is the function that saves a lot of stress during the preparation of repairs
  • security for the management that it has all this information in its phone
  • emergency repairs were reduced by 10% in a period of 3 months

The entire Fabrico platform is based on modules, which allows each installation to be individualized to the specific needs of each customer. If you still do not have such a solution in your production, feel free to contact us.

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