2022: Our year in review

As we approach the end of another exciting year, it's a great time to look back and be grateful for our progress and accomplishments. 

What did our year look like?

We welcomed new team members, expanded our clients' network, attended on-site events, launched a brand new website, piloted our data & AI newsletter and improved some of our internal processes. 2022 was an unforgettable journey! 

Are you interested in the details? Learn more in the following lines. 


Team growth

Currently, we have almost 40 team members onboard and are still recruiting. We're excited to have more teammates added and trained in the ways of Childish.

Although remote work has become part of our culture, we haven't forgotten about regular company meetings and team-building gatherings. One of the important ones was our team building in Veliko Tarnovo, where we enjoyed activities together and bonded even stronger. What a great time it was! 

We participated in a well-planned outdoor game, solving quests, meeting queens and samodivas around Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo, meeting with real magicians and listening to their stories, and of course, last but not least, meeting some of the children of "Give a Book" foundation.


Knowledge-sharing as part of our culture

Sharing the pains, gains and new learnings has been an internal part of our company since the beginning. 

Every Thursday afternoon, we gather for a knowledge-sharing session that brings value to our team members - topics vary from a deep technical session to interesting work insights or hobby projects. So far, we've spent more than 30 hours in 52 knowledge-sharing sessions for 2022. 

Аwards and recognition

Childish won the Forbes Business Awards for Socially Responsible Company in 2022

This year we were honoured to receive the award for socially responsible company. The innovative structure of our company with the Give a Book Foundation as the main owner of the company's shares deserved the evaluation of the jury.


A few Clutch awards

Another exciting news in 2022 is that we received the Clutch Award for "Bulgaria's Top Software Developers for 2022"; afterward, we were named "Bulgaria's Top Big Data Analytics Companies for 2022". And lately, we were recognized as one of Clutch's "Top B2B Global companies" for 2022. We are both honored and humbled to receive all these awards! We want to thank those who made this recognition possible: our clients and hard-working team, consistently delivering top-tier work.


We got featured in Forbes Bulgaria

Our story was published in Forbes Bulgaria. Our CEO Blagovesta Pugyova shared the story how the naive idea of helping children in orphanages grew to attract more than 2000 volunteers; now, this naive idea is a shareholder in our company. The whole interview you can read at


The "Give a book" foundation got back to normal with regular trips to the children

Before the pandemic swept the world, the Give a Book foundation's volunteers visited children deprived of parental care across the country monthly. Happily, after a break of one year, in 2022, the good people who support the Foundation's mission are visiting again without unexpected interruptions or cancelling events. And this has been a huge change for the children who expect us.

Over the past 12 years, the NGO has created a network of over 2000 actively engaged volunteers who support children in 30 institutions across the country. Volunteers help children with lessons, motivate them, and give them the opportunity for new and exciting experiences outside the home. 

Hosted a Python hackathon: "Give a book"

We are grateful we were able to conduct a hackathon combining our passion for Python and our belief that every child deserves to reach their potential. The hackathon's purpose was to support the Give a Book Foundation's mission, which helps volunteers become mentors and friends of children deprived of parental care. During the 3-day event, participants who participated in it laid the foundation of a platform that would enable all the needs of many children in institutions looking for a job, housing and advice. You can learn more about the mission of the event here


Launched our brand new website and Data & AI newsletter

In 2022, our development team was quite busy also working on our new website. Furthermore, driven by our passion for data, new technologies and knowledge sharing, our team decided to bring you the most exciting news and valuable resources in a monthly dose of learning and insights. Learn more about how to subscribe.


Ending the year with a bang

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of all our team members, this year gave us a reason to celebrate. We ended on a high note by announcing that very soon, you'll hear more and more about our spin-off Fabrico

Cheers to the 2022 year! 

We're confident next year will be even better! We'll see you in 2023. 



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