Fintech and Banking

Choosing a financial software development company that you feel comfortable with is essential. Our team will build tailor-made products to help you stand out in the market. 

With practical experience in the development and discovery of how your business runs and what it needs, we’ll help your finance business develop and succeed. We will focus on achieving your goals by applying cutting-edge technologies and integration solutions. 

Industry challenges

Advanced technologies deliver opportunities and challenges. For the financial industry, software development challenges may involve the complications of modernizing legacy applications to the cloud, cyber-security risks, and continuously adapting to changes and other related problems. Thus, it's essential to have the right tools and methodologies to implement all digital initiatives effectively and adequately.

It is preferable to entrust knowledgeable experts in software solutions, able to develop the full cycle of financial software. Our specialists demonstrated successful financial software development solutions in payment systems, banking software, and FinTech app integration.
We have a focus on the finance sector and innovate it with tried-and-true methods for doing business and technology. 

Businesses benefit from fintech software as it enables them to innovate, provide solutions that customers want, and provide a smooth user experience. With banking software and fintech, you can: 

  • Utilize data to understand your customers better.
  • Use AI, Big Data, and Business Intelligence solutions to assist your clients in making wiser financial decisions.
  • Provide a variety of payment methods.
  • By utilising self-servicing, automation, personalised services, and powerful analytics, you can reinvent the banking and insurance consumer experience.
  • Boost transactional and financial data security.
  • Enhance the client experience.

End-to-end solutions

With ChildishAI, you'll easily manage all stages of the Product Development Life Cycle, understand policies, and requirements, define users' expectations, and more. Our team of experts knows how to build fintech and banking solutions and will ensure to develop your idea in the most valuable way. 

There are many different types of software possibilities available for your organisation. We can help you with:

We develop secure and scalable custom products for the needs of your organisation.

  • Integration

We aim to provide flawless data exchange between systems and integrate custom applications with already installed third-part systems.

Using our expertise in the latest technologies in AI, ML, and NLP helps us create winning solutions.​​​

We have created architectures covering multiple data sources, formats and types, including internal ERP data, CRM data, other downstream systems’ data, sensors stream data, and external data.

We have the expertise in all of the above to combine them into a solution that adds value to your company and transforms your business.

Banking & FinTech Case Studies


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