Web platform with CRM for travel reservations exchange

Overview: SpareFare is a UK start-up connecting people who have bought a flight ticket or a hotel reservation but cannot use it anymore, with people who want to buy a discounted ticket. Their team was looking for a development partner with top-notch engineers to help them build the complex architecture behind their platform. The platform had to include complex transactions between the different users and the back office.

Solution: When we joined the project, the client already had an existing platform. The scale-up of the business and the increasing number of clients required to have rebuilt from scratch while keeping the core functionalities and design. Our team had to create a scalable platform, add missing elements and features both in the user interface and the CRM.

The development involved the structure of multiple roles and permissions, payment processing through multiple sources, and payment approvals. The back-office team had to work in a well-structured and quick CRM which we built as a fully custom solution in order to respond to the dynamic requests. 

The system also involved multiple integrations with service providers. The biggest challenge was the exchange of constantly changing information about the price of flight tickets. The task required a highly experienced team of developers. Apart from the front-end and back-end development, we supported them with Cloud, DevOps and UX advisory at every step. Our data engineering team was actively involved as well so that the system was ready to grow in a predictive analytics platform in the future.

Team: The solution was built using Python development, React.JS development, Data engineering, UX, DevOps engineering, QA, and Project management.

Results: The platform was successfully implemented, resulting in an increased loading speed of more than 300% and improved UX. Overall, the project was a success and met the client's needs for a complex and user-friendly platform for travel reservation exchange.

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