IoT tool for electricity consumption analysis

Overview: Our client needed a tool to analyze electricity consumption based on the data from sensors integrated into electrical sockets, in real-time and historically, with the ability to track any critical moments. The client also required the tool to be scalable and applicable to other sensors in the market.

Solution: To ensure that the tool met the requirements, our team collaborated with the client's team to understand their needs and preferences. We analyzed the data collected by the sensors to develop algorithms to accurately track the electricity consumption of each socket. We then integrated the algorithms into a user-friendly interface that allowed users to easily track their electricity usage over time. We used Python, Django and Angular to develop the backend and front end of the tool, respectively, ensuring a scalable solution that could be easily extended to support other sensors in the market.

Our team also implemented various features to enhance the user experience. We included notifications and snapshots for critical moments, such as extreme power consumption, electrical fault or a sudden surge in electricity usage. We also generated heat maps for each socket, providing users with visual information about their electricity usage over time. We ensured that the tool was responsive and could be used on mobile devices, enabling users to monitor their electricity usage on the go.

Tech stack: Python, Django, Angular, AWS.

Outcome: Our electricity consumption analysis tool provided the client with an innovative solution that accurately tracked the electricity consumption in real-time and historically. The tool's user-friendly interface, along with its ability to generate heat maps and send notifications, made it easy for users to track their electricity usage and identify areas where they could reduce consumption. The tool is successfully used in facility management and manufacturing. 

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