Traffic analysis and prediction based on AI

Challenge: The client`s request involved road and traffic analysis. The task included building a vehicle counting system based on vehicle type and classification, as well as differentiating between various types of vehicles and conducting a total count.

Approach: We started by developing a custom video surveillance software which made it possible to remotely watch the traffic situation and collect data. Utilizing image recognition and data analytics techniques we developed a POC model analysing the traffic data, which was further extended to a fully functioning tool for road and safety as the traffic analysis.

Through advanced deep learning our team created a solution which was able to detect and alert for potential accidents, predict congestion, or plan efficient roads and parking spaces. The solution is currently growing into autonomously monitoring traffic cameras and systems and generating real-time alerts when certain events of interest occur.

Tech stack: Python, React.JS, Yolo, SSD and OpenCV


Results: The solution enables easy supervision of key crossings, risk spots and motorways with the goal to reduce and prevent accidents.

The solution provides remote supervision of the movement of motor vehicles on streets and motorway crossings which helps in easy monitoring of on-location visits.

Case Studies

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