Image recognition and NLP for fraud detection

Challenge: Creating a fully functioning solution from scratch

Team: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers, DevOps

Solution: The project started with the investigation phase to analyse the existing data and test multiple solutions which meet the needs of both client and cloud providers. AWS was selected as a core service provider for data storage combined with ElasticSearch. Our team built the full ETL process to start operations. Once the data structure and pipelines were set, we introduced two teams of Data Scientists - one specialized in semantic analysis (NLP) and the other with experience in image recognition. The ML part was further taken care of by our engineers. The output was a dashboard of data visualisations made in Kibana to present the results.

Status: Successful completion of the data engineering phase with ongoing data science stages.

Results: The project significantly improved the client's ability to detect security breaches behaviour, which led to a reduction in risk.

Case Studies

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