Our colleagues are AWS certified

Are you hungry to learn? Our team always is!
Keeping our expertise and knowledge sharp, we must constantly learn! Our colleagues Alexandra, Nina, Vasko, Bobby, and Teodor have already received their AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certifications and more to come! We're proud of our team!


Why AWS?

The cloud infrastructure business has soon been dominated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon has overtaken Microsoft Azure (29.4%), Google Cloud (3.0%), and IBM (2.6%), holding 41.5% of the market as of Q1 2023.

Other well-known organisations frequently using AWS include Netflix, Twitch, Twitter, The Guardian, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

And it's simple to understand why. The numerous businesses and sectors using AWS profit from its scalable cloud solutions and pay-as-you-go business model. This entails that there are no restrictions on what their services can offer and no financial barriers.


How do AWS certifications work?

Amazon has developed a dozen separate certificates to enable developers, data scientists, cybersecurity networking engineers, and machine learning professionals to have a depth of understanding of their products. This is due to the range and complexity of the products offered in the AWS ecosystem.

It is simple to get confused by the extensive selection of services when using the AWS platform for the first time. There are numerous diverse areas of competence within the vast service offering. The certificates are made to evaluate a user's knowledge of AWS technologies.
You must pass a test to obtain an AWS Certification. To guarantee fair results, the exams are overseen by a separate regulatory organisation. Testers must correctly answer more than 70% of the questions to pass the exam and earn the certifications; you'll need a greater percentage as the examinations get more complex and stack on top of one another.


Why did our team get certified?

Amazon powers the majority of our client and internal infrastructure at Childish. We have handled practically every aspect of the AWS ecosystem, and as a result, an increasing number of team members are qualified in various fields. At Childish, we also have extensive expertise in transferring clients from their current cloud infrastructure to Amazon.

We enable and encourage our staff to earn their AWS Certification. We're proud of our colleagues who invest time and effort into ongoing learning. Pursuing AWS Certification as a team encourages the team to look up to each other and hone skills together. Obtaining AWS Certification influenced our team in just this way, increasing their effectiveness and the quality of project delivery.


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